Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Video on the Internet - The next Communication Revolution

Streaming Video is the future of the Internet. 'Uses of Digital Media', a report by Aberdeen/StreamingMedia.com, found that in the United States of America $2 billion was being spent on streaming media technologies, and is projected to grow to in excess of $12 billion per annum over the next few years.

Today the Internet is the fastest growing marketplace and offers global opportunities to all, from international conglomerates to the individual person at the kitchen table. What though is the most effective form of communication on the information super highway? The Internet has become the place to communicate with one another and the means to search for and locate information. Video streaming brings a whole new dimension to this experience for everyone, be they business persons negotiating a deal, friends and family keeping in touch with their loved ones, or people sharing a common interest seeing one another for the first time.

For communication to be of use, it must be effective. People are expounding vast amounts of time, effort and money to communicate effectively on the Internet. Studies have shown that using video on the Internet gets people's attention and increases the likelihood that the message will be remembered.

Humans remember:

10% of what they read,
30% of what they see,
50% of what they see and hear together,
And 80% of what they see, hear and do.
(Source: Dr. Mehrabians, Study of Communication.)

This should have a significant impact on how one uses the Internet as a means of communication. Email changed the Internet, but video is changing the World. Email has become the fastest growing form of communication. Every day billions of emails are sent and received and the number continues to grow, (even allowing for the known problems of Spam, viruses etc.) some analysts are predicting that the number of messages will ultimately grow to as many as 100 billion a day! This may sound great, but if one remembers that to be of use communication has to be effective, clearly definite strategies will have to be developed to achieve this aim of successful communication.

The three major problems that have to be considered are:

"How do you make your message 'stand out from the crowd'?"
"How do you ensure uniformity of message (so everyone sees and hears the same message?"
And "How do you try to ensure your message is not confused and misunderstood?"

Some people have started to include pictures and images to help convey the meaning and to add impact, but that still doesn't solve the problem! This is because we are used to 'face to face' communication, where the message is interpreted not only from the spoken word but also the non-verbal communication. 55% of a messages meaning is derived from facial expression and 38% is derived from gestures, body language etc.

So what is the solution? People online need fully integrated video streaming facilities for their online communication and this technology is available now, ranging from Video Email, Video Instant Messaging and even live Webcasting and Streaming Web TV. Streaming Video is the online future, and now is the time to place ones self at the forefront of this next communication revolution.

Internet Marketing Is DEAD!


Internet Marketing has kicked the bucket! The Internet, having gotten saturated with Marketing Ads, has drowned in its own filth.

There is a word for what Internet marketing spews forth...the word is GARBAGE! And it's a mess cleaning it up, often requiring spam filters, ad-ware & spy-ware removers, and pop-up blockers.

Internet Marketing worked for a while, and we put up with it for a while longer. The Internet was new, and everything about it was a novelty. We'd not only read spam, but actually get exited about buying from the money mongering website linked to it. It's a bit like never having watched TV...you would probably get mesmerized even by the commercials!

The thing about television commercials is they sponsor the REAL products which are shown. Internet spam on the other hand, doesn't support anything beyond the greed of the advertiser.

While spam is filling up our "inboxes" and taking up space on our computers, the friends, relatives, and co-workers we need to hear from can't get through.

Who should be blamed for all this? Internet Service Providers and ISP's are doing what they can about the situation, but the viral parasites are still there. It's up to each one of us to resist as best we can, recognizing that Internet Marketing is not the get-rich-quick scheme some may say it is.

Learn how to spot internet advertisements by the words in their headlines. Then you will be less apt to waste time reading the remaining ad copy. The advertisement can be put where it belongs...in the email delete folder!


If you are an Internet Marketer you can increase sales and start hauling in the extra cash! It's easy.

Just give people what they really want. Then you're no longer seen as a seller, but as a friend, a helper and someone that can be trusted.

This can be accomplished by answering people's questions, as on forums, where "How To" explanations can be provided. Put forth solutions to problems. Reveal news that is of interest to your market.

Once you start to freely provide people with information they become open to what you have to say, open to what you have to sell. Soon you will be back in business big-time.

So, summing it up, you need to provide reliable written content to your clients. This will jump-start your business and promote trust in both you and your business.

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Now that you know where to get content, it's up to you to deliver it in a responsible way to your customers. And, most importantly, to deliver the information without spamming!